The r7rs circuit is big and interesting, but ... is it still going on?

I'm trying to look at r7rs status big, but I can't find any information on the schematic reports page etc, just a conversation from 2013. I have also searched on Google with no success.

  • Is he still alive?
  • Where can I find information?
  • What is the tentative date?
  • What is the progress at this stage?



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You can read about the R7RS process in the R7RS working group working group . R7RS-large is listed under Working Group 2 on the first page.

In particular, take a look at the StandardDocket and ConsentDocket sections . Standard documentation is for discussion (and eventual voting). Consensus dossier for generally accepted things that are likely to end up in R7RS-large without the need for a vote.

There is no solid timeline that I am aware of (although I am not part of the working group and do not speak for them). The standard version is pretty long and they will have to handle most / everything before you have anything you can call R7RS-large.



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