Session cookie storage in android.webkit.CookieManager

I am using Volley library to fulfill my application requests. Now I really need to do some operations after this order:

  • POST request using Volley library.
  • I am getting 204 response with session cookie
  • I need to set this cookie for use with WebViews

I need to make the first request with Volley because the response has a header containing the uri for the next request. Than I need to capture this title.

The problem is that I cannot save the session cookie using CookieManager

because because doc says "The cookie set must not be expired and there must not be a session cookie, otherwise it will be ignored."

Is there a way to save this cookie for later use with the WebView?


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Oddly enough, the documentation is either out of date or completely wrong, it seems like it CookieManager

will save session cookies without any problem. ( Bug report here )

This snippet works for me:

private void syncCookie(String domain, Cookie sessionCookie) {
    CookieManager cookieManager = CookieManager.getInstance();
    String cookieString = sessionCookie.getName() + "=" + sessionCookie.getValue() + "; domain=" + sessionCookie.getDomain();
    cookieManager.setCookie(domain, cookieString);




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