Where is the akka class defined?

I am new to Scala.

In one of the Actor classes, I can see that my colleague of me defines code like this

import akka.actor.Actor

class Processor extends Actor {

  def receive: Receive = {
    case msg: String => doProcess(msg)
    case _ => 


Where is this class defined? It is not imported into this class. How the system will find the Receive class


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It is an alias for a type PartialFunction[Any, Unit]

defined within a akka.actor.Actor

companion object and its properties, respectively.

Excerpt from source code :

object Actor {
    // Type alias representing a Receive-expression for Akka Actors.
    type Receive = PartialFunction[Any, Unit]
    // ...

trait Actor {
    // to make type Receive known in subclasses without import
    type Receive = Actor.Receive
    // ...





is a type alias for PartialFunction[Any,Unit]

. This type alias is defined in the Actor

companion object, which is then redefined by trait Actor

(thus available in Actor

impls), referencing the one defined on the companion.



Receive is an alias for the type PartialFunction [Any, Unit]

See Actor source code here

You can also write the receive method as

def receive: PartialFunction[Any, Unit] = {




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