VS2013 C ++: slow linking process

Have you ever experienced the slow linking process in compiling a C ++ project (I'm using VS2013)? I get the linking process in 15 minutes after 5 minutes of assembly. Rebooting or restarting Visual Studio does not fix the problem. The task manager shows that mspdbsrv.exe takes up a full core (25% on a 4-core) and pdb file creation is very slow, Kb after Kb reaches 50 MB. Additional Information:

  • the same project on a different assembly and link to the computer at a reasonable time.
  • Antivirus is disabled.
  • I tried to change pdb file creation location: no success
  • I have set the output of the Verbose linker, but it stops on one debug line and then waits there all the time.
  • VS2013 updated to SP4
  • The hard drive activity on my laptop is mostly off so there is no full activity on the drive.
  • I am running Windows 7 Pro.
  • VS2013 starts with administrator rights



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Fixed changing "Formatted Information Format" from / ZI (edit and continue function) to / Zi. I still don't know why this results in slow binding only to a specific computer and not others. Hope this helps people coming here for the same issue.



Is it being used using the time code code? On VS2010 this step was single threaded, so it takes much longer than the apparent compilation step. In later versions, this step has been improved to be multi-threaded, according to blog posts. He also noted that PDB access is a bottleneck. So maybe you have an old mspdbsrv.exe on this system? View the file version information by comparing it across all machines. There might also be some option to control its locking and multiplayer behavior hidden somewhere.



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