Can i use the newest version of perl along with the old

I have on UNIX SunOS 5.9 Generic_122300-61 sun4u sparc SUNW, Sun-Fire-V240 perl v5.6.1, but I want to install the newest version.

Can I install the newest version and use it along with the old ones, but in different directories?

But my questions are:

now i have perl home on / bin / perl.

Will the newest version of perl be in a different home directory? And also cpan and modules, will they be installed?


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Since you are on Solaris, do not mess with the Perl that ships with the operating system. It is used by the OS itself, and if you change it, things can get weird.

However, you can absolutely install other versions of Perl alongside it. If you are compiling by hand, all you have to do is set a flag -Dprefix=/some/nice/directory

to the Configure script. After compiling and installing it, you only need to put / some / nice / directory / bin earlier in your PATH than / usr / bin.

If you want a system-wide installation of new Perl, I would suggest choosing the latest version (currently 5.20.0, but 5.20.1 on RC2, so it should be soon) and installing to / usr / local. If you need new Perl for your own personal use, I highly recommend that you make sure you have a sufficient environment to compile Perl and then install and use perlbrew ( ).



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