How to filter a list using lodash if the filter function is asynchronous

I am new to lodash and Javascript in general. I am using nodejs. I am using lodash's filter function to filter some content in my collection.

Here is a snippet

filteredrows = _.filter(rows, function(row, index){

   //here I need to call some asynchronous function which checks the row
   //the return value of this asynchronous function will determine whether to return true or false for the filter function.



My question is, how do I do this? using a closure? Is it possible to do this in a lodash filter function? Thanks in advance.


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lodash may not be the best tool for this job. I recommend using async


Example: fs.exists

is an asynchronous function that checks for file existence and calls a callback.

async.filter(['file1','file2','file3'], fs.exists, function(results){
    // results now equals an array of the existing files




Lodash is not an asynchronous tool. It makes filtering information in real time fast. When you need to make a process asynchronous, you should use bluebird , Async , Native promises, or callbacks.

I think you should be using Lodash and Underscore, just to organize Objectdata in real time.



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