Angular get index of selected item (from ng-options)

I am trying to get the index of a selected item from a ng-options list. I have this in my model but it doesn't work, I'm not sure what I am doing wrong here.

So, I have ng-options -

<select class="select" ng-model="level.Selection"  ng-options="data for data in dataHere track by"></select>


which is attached to the model, so right below it, I just try to spit out its selected item index like so:

<p class="text-left">{{level.Selection.$index}}</p>


Can't seem to see what I am doing wrong here. Thank!!


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How about this ?:

<p class="text-left">{{dataHere.indexOf(level.Selection)}}</p>


As mentioned in the comment below, if you want this to work for IE8 (or below), you might want to take a look at this: Why is indexOf not working on an IE8 array?



Here's the correct markup:

<a href="#"> {{}}</a>
                <a href="#!/mapping2/info"  ng-show="{{unmapattribute.indexOf(}}!=-1"> Expression</a>




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