Is there a way to see a list of meteor releases that I can update?

I am looking forward to the upcoming Cordova support and see different release versions to update in the example docs:

meteor update --release CORDOVA-PREVIEW@3
meteor update --release CORDOVA-PREVIEW@5
meteor update --release METEOR@0.9.2-rc0
meteor update --release METEOR@0.9.2-rc2


Also, the Meteorite Wiki Wiki page doesn't even mention a version.

What command can I run or a page where I can see what the latest Meteor 0.9.2 release is? And should I update from the 0.9.2 branch for better Cordova support?


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Meteorite tags are released in the git repository. You can use git ls-remote

to check what tags are available. For example,

$ git ls-remote --tags tags/release/METEOR@0.9.2*
3df58956e1656ade890ef3bc3821c97f842987b6        refs/tags/release/METEOR@0.9.2-rc0
3decef135ad453837104fff0562226e63d681442        refs/tags/release/METEOR@0.9.2-rc1
fb3fb5de03650b24e5aebb91d934119a075df791        refs/tags/release/METEOR@0.9.2-rc2
3f680f76a422107c25f1934b8ccb6fd9aee1b471        refs/tags/release/METEOR@0.9.2-rc3
63381e5ee4f52062c6ba5c0f271e88efd7f59c36        refs/tags/release/METEOR@0.9.2-rc4
52d66644e9d23a92c0905d2b5ba28b1e403ef691        refs/tags/release/METEOR@0.9.2-rc5
5fae8faeb06259c96566469ef14e181c78cea07b        refs/tags/release/METEOR@0.9.2-rc6


I assume you would start meteor update

with one of these.



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