PeerJS - Manually close the connection between peers

I am using PeerJS for my P2P (multiplayer) application. Everything is fine (peer-to-peer connection, data sending), but I can't figure out how to manually close the peer-to-peer connection .

The docs have the functions "Close server connection" or "Close server connection and end all existing connections" ( peer.disconnect()

, peer.destroy()

), but I just want to " end existing connections " and not "close server connection".

I know I can only handle connections in an array and only send / receive data to peers with some status (like "connected" or "disconnected"), but other peers can send me data to overload forexample (hackers> ddos ​​.. .), so basically I want to be able to give something like BAN.

Any ideas (sorry for the bad english)?


I must be really blind. There is a function to close the connection between peers DataConnection.close()



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There is a function DataConnection.close()

to close the connection between peers.



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