Can I get the envelope control url from the Docusign API?

I can create an envelope with an API that returns an envelopeId that looks like this:


When I go to docusign in my browser and open the envelope, the url is:

I don't see what the id "ad05458248c54654a16a54195bf72ffe" is. I've tried every API envelope in the documentation (many don't make sense, but I tried them anyway):



But this identifier is missing.

Is there a way to get this url id? and / or is there any other way to get the url for the envelope?


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The ID that appears as part of any URL when using the DocuSign web console is an internal ID - you cannot use it with the API in any way. The envelope ID value that DocuSign returns in response to a Create Envelope API request is the ID you want to use with any API request that requires an envelope ID.

It's not clear what you mean by "[url for] envelope management", but I suggest you study the following operations in the DocuSign REST API Guide :

  • Post Envelope Correction (p. 146)
  • Change or correct and resend recipient information (page 137)
  • View Sender (page 149)

(I would guess "Post Envelope Correction" is most likely after.)



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