Can I work around the 20 item limitation for Statc cascading context menus on Windows (registry keys / keys)

I am creating a detailed static cascading context menu for ImageMagick on Windows ...

Everything seemed to work well functionally until I moved 20 items to the context menu. After that, clicking on the commands ceased to function normally, and the elements disappeared. (I know this is not a formatting issue, because I can get them back by removing the taller elements). There was a lot of room on my screen with my organization chart ... They just disappeared because of an unnecessary limit!

Does anyone know if there is a way to increase this limit in the size of the context menu? To be clear, the 20-point limit is cumulative for anything below the root level: (...

Below are 6 items ...

Right click -> ImageMagick -> convert -> item1, item2

Right click -> ImageMagick -> mogrify -> item3, item4

Please do not reply by stating that its too cluttered / shouldn't be done, 20 items look great so far and I only need about 60 to get this complete.

If the limit cannot be increased, do you know if this limit exists with dynamic wrapper DLLs?


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