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I am running GM version of Xcode 6 and trying to check my archive of my application. I went through iTunes Connect and filled in all the required information, but when I try to check, I get the error "iTunes Store operation failed. Error Description not available." I read somewhere that it should be in the "Waiting for Upload" state, but in the new iTunes Connect, I don't know how to change it to "Prepare for Submission". The only thing causing the error in Connect is that I have not selected an assembly, and as far as I know (my first application) I cannot do this until I have validated it. Any help is appreciated!


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Happens to me, use the Loader app to submit.

In addition, this link can help you if you receive a "this package is not valid" error. armv7s must include armv7 architecture from Loader app: IOS Application loader shows package error .

Open Application Loader from Xcode



Have you signed your distribution application correctly?



Navigate to Project Targets -> Code Signing

and install Provisioning Profile


to their profile manufacturing / distribution. Even setting it on Automatic

doesn't work.

Alternatively, use Loader 2.9.1 app to submit the app. Here is the download link for Application Loader 2.9.1



I had exactly the same problem and after hours of looking around the internet try everything I can but no luck. Then I realized that ... these are problems with iTunes Connect!

Try to send again and again, once the connection was broken and the message "Error description is not available" appears (what "easy to understand message" ??????? Why not connection problem, try again later ")

In my case, I didn't change anything and on the 7th attempt it was sent!

Of course, code signing is also important, just make sure you have the right option for the AppStore submission.

Hope it helps!



In my case, it caused the internet to work sporadically. Just when you want Apple to have a little more detail on the errors they throw to us. Couldn't easily say "lost internet connection" or something.



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