Failed to show simulator on build server

I am unable to build and also unable to show the simulator in the mac book. My computer is paired successfully. My Mac Server Log

[12-Sep-2014 12:05:00] Request processed in 3.344ms

An attempt to show the simulator. You will then be notified.

Failed to show simulator on build server.

[12-Sep-2014 12:05:03] Processing with the command: [ChangeActiveApplication: CommmandUrl = ChangeActiveApplication] (11)

[12-Sep-2014 12:05:03] Attempting to acquire a command execution lock, timeout is set to 00:10:00

[12-Sep-2014 12:05:03] Command [ChangeActiveApplication: CommmandUrl = ChangeActiveApplication] completed (11)

[12-Sep-2014 12:05:03] Request processed in 2.934ms

[12-Sep-2014 12:05:05] Request processed in 3.461ms

[12-Sep-2014 12:05:10] Request processed in 2.873ms


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