AngularJS - Block Test Factories with Complex Inner Logic

I am currently writing unit tests for my angularjs application and would like some advice on how to test my factories. Unfortunately, since I wrote all the code before writing the tests, I have some pretty complex logic in my factories.

At the moment, for example, I have a httpRequest service:

    .service('httpRequest', ['$http',
        function($http) {
            function constructHttpRequest() {/*code*/}
            function constructCertainTypeOfHttpRequest() {/*code*/}
            function constructOtherTypeOfHttpRequest() {/*code*/}

            return {
                method1: function() {/*code*/}
                method2: function() {/*code*/}
                method3: function() {/*code*/}


The service provides many different request methods that use rather complex functions construct...

(which are not displayed) to generate requests.

Ideally, I would test all functions construct...

and then verify that the methods call those functions with the correct parameters; I really don't want to copy and paste tests for logic construct...


My question is, is there any neat way to expose these functions for testing, but not expose them to the entire application? In a perfect world, how would I write the factory code; should I put the functions construct...

in a separate service and just think about never accessing them directly?


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Have you tried splitting the logic in your design into different services and then forcing those services to inject those services into your service httpRequest

? This will allow you to write a test for the injected services once and not rewrite them for each build function. Also, take a look at $ resourceProvider . $resourceProvider

usually covers everything you need if you are building something based on a RESTful API. Hope it helps.



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