Disable YouTube subtitles on embedded video

I am trying to embed a youtube video from a YouTube iframe.

The video has a tag yt:cc=on

that means subtitles will be loaded by default.

(The cc_load_policy = 1 attribute forces titles to load even if the user doesn't want to.)

I am using flash embed (AS3) which supports the attribute cc_load_policy

. But if I set it to cc_load_policy = 0, the credits are shown because the video has a yt: cc = on tag.

Is there a way to hide the titles even if the video has yt: cc = on? Thank.


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From what I've read, cc_load_policy only supports one value, which is 1, and also the default if the user hasn't turned off titles. so it looks like you can only use subtitles and not turn off ... hope this helps.

Values: 1. The default value depends on user preference. Setting to 1 will cause closed captions to be displayed by default, even if the user has disabled captions.



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