How to use whereMatchesKeyInQuery with class pointer

I call them tables, but in the code they are really just classes. I got the Users table (class that extends ParseUser) I got the TableAClass (class that extends ParseObject) and I got the TableBClass (class that extends ParseObject) B contains pointers to MyUserClass and TableAClass

ParseQuery<MyUserClass> query = ParseQuery.getQuery(MyUserClass.class);

ParseQuery<TableBClass> secondQuery = new ParseQuery<TableBClass>(


now the key part, I cannot request such

query.whereMatchesKeyInQuery( "objectId", "myuser_id",secondQuery);


because 'myuser_id' is not a string, it is a pointer to MyUserClass How do I get this query to work without adding additional String columns of type String that will contain the objectId


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Not sure if this is still relevant, anyway you can do secondQuery.whereMatchesKeyInQuery("myUserId","objectId",query);



use whereMatchesQuery

in pointer case

query.whereMatchesQuery("obj_pointer", inQuery);




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