Original exe message not starting since chrome update

I am using Native messaging to communicate with my extension and chrome system.

Since I am also developing an extension, so I install the extension by downloading the unpacked extension to Chrome. I often had to remove an extension during development.

It worked fine, but a few days ago when Chrome was updated, the native exe is not being called. The current version of Chrome is 37.0.2062.120m 32-bit.

This is what the config of my extension is.
I am using chrome.runtime.connectNative ("com.foo") in background.js

In the registry entry

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="C:\\Program Files\\ChromeNative\\nativeMessage.json"


nativeMessage.json looks like this

    "name": "com.foo",  
    "description": "Chrome Native Messaging API Example Host",  
    "path": "native.exe",  
    "type": "stdio",  
    "allowed_origins": [  
      "chrome-extension://<extension id>/"  


native.exe is present in the same directory as nativeMessage.json.

Please help me in calling native exe.


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