Work with GIT on a remote site instead of a local one

I need to work on a project that is on a remote GIT repository. I have a development environment accessible via ssh: I would use GIT on it, but I like the Eclipse EGit package, so I would know if there is a way to connect my Eclipse to a remote cloned repository.


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Depending on your network, you can mount the remote filesystem locally and use Eclipse to access the code. It won't do well on a slow network.

Alternatively, you can set up the source and just copy it locally and then periodically copy it to the server.

If you say you have a development environment accessible via ssh then how does eclipse help you if it is not in a development environment? Wouldn't you also need to recreate the development environment locally?

You can install a remote desktop solution like NoMachine and run eclipse on the remote machine.

Please provide more details.



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