Is it possible to generate enum from <String> array in Swift?

Here's my listing:

enum myEnum : Int {
    case apple = 0
    case orange
    case lemon


I would like to create it from an array. Array elements can be the name of enumerations.

let myEnumDictionary : Array<String> = ["apple","orange","lemon"]


So, is it possible to create enums from an array?


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No, It is Immpossible. Similarly, you cannot create classes from arrays.

The enumerations must be compiled. You cannot create them dynamically.



If your enum rawValue

needs to be Int, you can either map from an array of integer raw values ​​to a collection of enumerations, or add a convenience initializer that returns an enumeration that matches the given string literal:

enum MyEnum : Int {
    case apple = 0
    case orange
    case lemon

    init?(fruit: String) {
        switch fruit {
        case "apple":
            self = .apple
        case "orange":
            self = .orange
        case "lemon":
            self = .lemon
            return nil

let myEnumDictionary = [0, 1, 2].map{ MyEnum(rawValue: $0) }.flatMap{ $0 }

let myEnumDictionary2 = ["apple", "orange", "lemon"].map{ MyEnum(fruit: $0) }.flatMap{ $0 }


If the enum type rawValue

was a string, you wouldn't need to provide an initializer:

enum MyEnum: String {
    case apple
    case orange
    case lemon

let myEnumDictionary = ["apple", "orange", "lemon"].map{ MyEnum(rawValue: $0) }.flatMap{ $0 }


Of course, the easiest way to create an array of enums is to simply provide a list of lists of enums:

let myEnumDictionary: [MyEnum] = [.apple, .orange, .lemon]




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