How do I back up the azure search index?

I'm using Azure Search and want me to be able to recover from a self-applied disaster before I click more documents. How do I back up my index?

Does Azure Search Replica create the equivalent of backing up? How do I recover this?



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Right now you cannot do this from API or portal, just save a copy of the JSON schema in a .js file, for example. See Get Index API .

Usually you don't need to touch the index very often, only add, update or delete documents.



You will need to use an indexer from an external source to insert data into Search and create backups at the same time.

If it is an AzureSQL database, this may be done automatically, depending on your subscription

Create a table with the same fields in Azure Search Index and add the removed flag and last update date, and then import all data into the database. Set the date flag to the time when you imported the data.

At the top of the azure search bar, there is an "Import Data" option. This will allow you to connect the data source, so you can create an index that will look at the last changed data and remove the flag when creating the connection.

The wizard will guide you through all the options

From there, just update the SQL table with your changes and the indexer will automatically push them to Azure search.



Thanks for the answer about

Sometimes the Azure Search Index is the only source for data recovery. For example, in Microsoft QnA maker - if you uninstall the web app or Azure service app - you can no longer even export the knowledge base from QnA maker.

To somehow recover data from QnA maker- I used Azure search index.



You can use the "index-backup-restore" tool in the following repository to back up the index definition and snapshot into a series of JSON files. Later, you can use the same tool to rebuild the index if needed. This tool can also move your index between service levels.




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