How to approach creating a custom ios8 keyboard for selecting images

A back to back I was asked to create a custom keyboard for selecting images for example. Messaging apps. I thought it was not possible because the other person would not have a character set, but then I saw .

I can create an interface easily enough, but how would I get an image to be output from the keyboard and sent to an application like iMessage? How would this work for a regular textbox?


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Popkey just pops the gif into cardboard and the user can paste it into iMessage. It won't work in every app, but I think iMessage (and maybe even WhatsApp) can deliver images inserted into a textbox.

In fact it doesn't copy it directly to iMessage

But it won't work with any regular textbox that can't handle images,

You can see the behavior in this video: at 00:07

You can copy the image to cardboard using the UIPasteBoard




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