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I am having a problem performing streaming actions ( http://docs.spring.io/autorepo/docs/webflow/2.3.x/reference/html/actions.html#streaming-actions ) in a Spring Webflow / JSF application. I've seen some people solve it with MVC controllers, but I would like to use it like this.

I am using Tomcat 7.01, Spring WebFlow 2.3.1 and Primefaces 4.0.

The problem is that when I want to download a file, nothing happens. The code runs, but nothing happens in the browser. Does anyone know what might be wrong, maybe some other settings in some xml, ...?

Thank you so much!

My actions look like this:

public class PrintCSVAction extends AbstractAction {
private static final String CSV_FILENAME = "export.csv";

public Event doExecute(RequestContext context) throws IOException {
        HttpServletResponse response = (HttpServletResponse) context.getExternalContext().getNativeResponse();

        response.setHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=\"" + CSV_FILENAME + "\"");
        OutputStream out = response.getOutputStream();
        response.setContentType("text/csv; charset=UTF-8");
        out.write(new String("blablablab\n").getBytes("utf-8"));

        return success();


My definition of a transition inside a view state looks like this:

<view-state id="search" view="export.xhtml">
    <transition on="home" to="finish" />
    <transition on="printCSV">
        <evaluate expression="printCSVAction" />


And the command to do the action:

<p:commandLink action="printCSV">
    <p:graphicImage value="/css/images/csv.png" />


And after that, the server outputs the following log after pressing the commandlink command:

FlowHandlerMapping:108 - Mapping request with URI '/app/account' to flow with id 'account'
FlowExecutorImpl:161 - Resuming flow execution with key 'e2s2
SessionBindingConversationManager:67 - Locking conversation 2
DefaultFlowExecutionRepository:106 - Getting flow execution with key 'e2s2'
FlowDefinitionRegistryImpl:59 - Getting FlowDefinition with id 'account'
FlowDefinitionRegistryImpl:59 - Getting FlowDefinition with id 'export'
ConditionalFlowExecutionListenerLoader:87 - Loaded [3] of possible 3 listeners for this execution request for flow 'account', the listeners to attach are list[org.springframework.webflow.persistence.JpaFlowExecutionListener@fc6c341, org.springframework.faces.webflow.FlowFacesContextLifecycleListener@242bb032, org.springframework.webflow.security.SecurityFlowExecutionListener@5c30045e]
FlowExecutionImpl:249 - Resuming in org.springframework.webflow.mvc.servlet.MvcExternalContext@3bdea0ee
ViewState:230 - Event 'printCSV' returned from view [JSFView = '/WEB-INF/flows/export/export.xhtml']
ActionExecutor:49 - Executing [EvaluateAction@6f32e75a expression = printCSVAction, resultExpression = [null]]
AnnotatedAction:142 - Putting action execution attributes map[[empty]]
ActionExecutor:49 - Executing si.zitnik.test.register.action.PrintCSVAction@450b3634
ActionExecutor:53 - Finished executing si.zitnik.test.register.action.PrintCSVAction@450b3634; result = success
AnnotatedAction:149 - Clearing action execution attributes map[[empty]]
ActionExecutor:53 - Finished executing [EvaluateAction@6f32e75a expression = printCSVAction, resultExpression = [null]]; result = success
Transition:213 - Executing [Transition@2eb3f775 on = printCSV, to = [null]]
DefaultFlowExecutionRepository:121 - Putting flow execution '[FlowExecutionImpl@5643cdce flow = 'account', flowSessions = list[[FlowSessionImpl@4ae5fba4 flow = 'account', state = 'export', scope = map['uiUtils' -> si.zitnik.test.register.ui.utils.UIUtils@3dae0070, 'user' -> si.zitnik.test.register.model.User@c1750ef]], [FlowSessionImpl@44f2d11e flow = 'export', state = 'search', scope = map['viewScope' -> map['flowSerializedViewState' -> [FlowSerializedView@212f3aff viewId = '/WEB-INF/flows/export/export.xhtml']]]]]]' into repository
DefaultFlowExecutionRepository:128 - Adding snapshot to group with id 2
SessionBindingConversationManager:78 - Putting conversation attribute 'scope' with value map['flashScope' -> map['messagesMemento' -> map[[empty]]]]
SessionBindingConversationManager:99 - Unlocking conversation 2



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The problem is p: commandLink uses ajax by default. To submit the form in non-ajax mode, we must enable ajax = "false" or use some other element (for example, h: commandButton).

<p:commandLink action="printCSV" ajax="false">
    <p:graphicImage value="/css/images/csv.png" />


Now it works!



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