Numpy issues in PyCharm

I am unable to install numpy in PyCharm.

I started with an updated, fresh install of Python 2.7.8 and PyCharm 3.4.1.

Then I installed winpython in PyCharm to get numpy and scipy packages with

File> Default Settings> Project Interpreter> selected Python 2.7.7> pip and setuptools installation> winpython installation ...

After installation, I went to run a simple code using numpy and keep getting the error " no module named numpy ". My professor did the same and his works are fine (like using Windows 7).


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Go to the Winpython website , download the version as per your need and install it locally. Then open PyCharm and add a new python interpreter, pointing to the path where you installed Winpython (python -... subdirectory).

Winpython is a Python distribution, it provides a python environment with packages like Numpy or Scipy pre-compiled and pre-installed. It's not the package itself (there is one, but it's not the entire distribution!).



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