Phabricator: how to make arc diff ignore non-playable files and how to edit reviewers

I recently created a Phabricator for my team and I have two questions regarding the behavior of the "arc".

  • When I want to submit feedback, I do git add git commit arc diff now if I have unprocessed files, arc won't let me do that unless I commit those unreproducible files or delete them, is there any way to just let the arc diff generate reviews for what i did but didn't click.

  • When I successfully navigate to "arc diff" it asks me to complete a "test plan" which is fine and "reviewers" ... which I think is troublesome for two reasons: (1) I don't know which human format is expected and I don't know how to spell some of the names (2) When I need 10 people to view my code, I need to write ten names. Is there a way that I can first leave this gap and then go to to edit reviews and submit a review request?



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For number 1: If you have changes in untracked files, they should be ignored by git and arc will respect it. Otherwise, it should give you the option to add them to the commit, you should be able to select no.

For number 2: it expects a username for the reviewers. Alternatively, you can post the project as a reviewer and it will inform all members of the project. Just post #Project_Name

as a reviewer.



Ok, so to answer my own question, I just found out the answer to question 2. I can leave the reviewers blank and create a review and edit a review from the internet, which is much easier to do.



The question is old, but the answer might help others. Usearc diff [--update DXXXX] --allow-untracked



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