Android Studio: Where is "Install Client Libraries" suitable for cloud endpoints?

Back when I was using Android Studio 0.8.2, whenever I made changes to the google endpoint in my App Engine firewall for an Android project I would go to

Tools-> GoogleCloudTools-> InstallClientLibraries

which generated and installed (wrote them to the local maven repository) client libraries.

This feature no longer exists in 0.8.9. How do I build / install client endpoint libraries now? Where has this instrument gone?



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There are two options here:

... You can call the gradle task "appengineEndpointsInstallClientLibraries" directly

... You can try using the new thread by including the config in your android build file.

dependencies {
  compile project(path: '<appengine-module>', configuration: 'android-endpoints')


which will automatically depend on the client libraries defined in the application engine module and include any required dependencies.



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