Fetching PHP data by date for last 7 days from mysql database with different date layout

I have a transaction table in my database, where the data is stored in the date

following manner: 2014-08-30 02:22:35


I am doing some basic analytics and should be able to display all transactions for each day for the last 7 days, but I am a little confused as to how I can achieve this when there is a timestamp along with the date stored in the same field.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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You can get the last seven days with:

where `date` >= CURDATE() - interval 7 day


This will return seven days, ignoring the time field.

I'm not sure what you mean by "displaying all transactions for each day for the last 7 days." You can retrieve just date

for a field using date

(sic, date(date)

) and use the value for filtering, aggregating or sorting.



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