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Enumerable.Last () Throws InvalidOperationException "The sequence does not contain a matching element"

In the pre-sorted, List<int>

I'm going to find the last element that meets the condition, for example int lastScore = list.Last(x => x < 100)

. If not in the list of elements (elements), satisfying this condition with an error message is issued InvalidOperationException

: Sequence contains no matching element

. This also happens with list.First(...)


I've even tried to make lastScore

nullable to no avail.

Catch the exception and manually assign lastScore

to the null

only way out?


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Use FirstOrDefault

or LastOrDefault

to get null

if there is no match if you are working with reference types. These methods will return the default for value types.



I would probably just catch the Exception at the closest point of use.

This is because LastOrDefault/FirstOrDefault

over IEnumerable<int>

will return 0 (the default for int

) which can be a "valid" value - this depends on the actual context and the rules defined. Converting the sequence to IEnumerable<int?>

would allow the previous methods to return null

, which seems like more work than it costs.

If you need to use lastScore

for future reference, consider:

int? lastScore;  /* Using a Nullable<int> to be able to detect "not found" */
try {
   lastScore = list.Last(x => x < 100);  /* int -> int? OK */
} catch (InvalidOperationException) {
   lastScore = null; /* If 0 see LastOrDefault as suggested;
                        otherwise react appropriately with a sentinel/flag/etc */
if (lastScore.HasValue) {
   /* Found value meeting conditions */


Or, if you can drop the case where it was not found, consider:

try {
   var lastScore = list.Last(x => x < 100);
   /* Do something small/immediate that won't throw
      an InvalidOperationException, or wrap it in it own catch */
   return lastScore * bonus;
} catch (InvalidOperationException) {
   /* Do something else entirely, lastScore is never available */
   return -1;




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