Reverse engineering an Oracle database using Hibernate Tools in Eclipse

I am using Eclipse Luna

and added Hibernate Tools

. I wanted Reverse Engineer

my Oracle

database. I tried the same steps with help MySQL

and was successful.

I also tried Revese Engineering

in Netbeans

for my circuit Oracle

and was successful.

How I would like to develop my applications in the environment STS

I want to go with Eclipse

or Spring STS

. My tables were developed a few years ago and are associated with a legacy application that I would like to update to Spring


  • In the view, Database Connections

    I can see my database Oracle

    and schemas.
  • In perspective, Hibernate

    I can generate the hibernate.cfg.xml file like below:

Here is the tutorial I followed:
How to generate Hibernate mapping files and annotation using Hibernate Tools .

My problem is that Hibernate Configurations

I cannot see my database in the view . So if I try to start building hibernate.reveng.xml

it will generate an empty file, no tables to create my mapped POJOs.

I can conclude that mine Hiberbate Configuration

is failing.

Please, help.


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The best solution I've come across is described in this tutorial:
How to Create HBM (Hibernate Mapping) Files and POJO (Model) Classes in Eclipse .

Everything went perfectly. What I was doing wrong was using the schema name in lower case. It must be in uppercase.



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