IOS 8 keyboard layout on iPhone 6/6 Plus

I noticed that on iOS 8, the built-in keyboard on the iPhone 6/6 Plus added some keys in landscape mode. However, when I create an application with a UITextView, the keyboard is the same as the iPhone 5 (no function keys). As a screenshot, you can see that the keyboard height is not the same and the keys are different.

So, how to change the keyboard's appearance as native on iPhone 6/6 Plus?

Keyboard screenshot


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You need to add special launcher images for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to get new keyboard layouts.

The reason for this is that the phone runs your application in a special compatibility mode that emulates a screen resolution of 320 pixels wide.

You can easily verify that your application is running in this mode by calling the screen resolution:

println("bounds = \(UIScreen.mainScreen().bounds)")
println("nativeBounds = \(UIScreen.mainScreen().nativeBounds)")


With no launcher images assigned, iPhone 6 Plus simulator output:

bounds = (0.0,0.0,320.0,480.0)
nativeBounds = (0.0,0.0,960.0,1440.0)


And there will be no dedicated keyboard

For a complete understanding of the new permissions, check out this great blog post:



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