HTML version of LibGDX game doesn't show any entries

I am having a problem showing the html version of my program. I am using LibGDX 1.3.1 and it is working in Java, it works great.

I downloaded the game here:

The libgdx loading bar appears and ends - and in the Chromes nettag, I can see the assets loading. However, nothing looks different than a rectangle of the expected game size.

The most confusing thing for me, although I don't see any glitches or logs from my code. That is, after loading SoundManager 2 (OK), nothing happens "

Considering the first lines of my main main class:

   font = new BitmapFont();
   batch = new SpriteBatch();, "loading..");


I was expecting at least to see "loading .."

I even added some gwt logs to html launcher

 public class HtmlLauncher extends GwtApplication {
   static Logger Log = Logger.getLogger("HtmlLauncher");

    public GwtApplicationConfiguration getConfig () {"GwtApplicationConfiguration");
            return new GwtApplicationConfiguration(640, 480);

    public ApplicationListener getApplicationListener () {
"test, returning class ME() ");
          System.out.print("test, returning class ME() ");
            return new ME();



again nothing.

I am losing the ability to disorganize this problem further. It just seems like libgdx isn't even trying to run my code.


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The default logging level in the html target is LOG_ERROR

. You will not see any messages

if you have not set the logging level to LOG_INFO



in your methods getConfig

or getApplicationListener

should do the trick.



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