Is it possible to add a socket to an epoll descriptor while another thread is waiting for that epoll descriptor?

I have multiple threads, one of them calls epoll_wait

in a loop, the others can open connections that should be epoll

'ed on the first thread. Is it possible to just add new sockets using epoll_ctl

while another thread is waiting in epoll_wait


What happens in the following scenario:

  • Topic 1 calls epoll_wait.
  • Thread 2 creates socket (A) and adds it to the epoll instance using epoll_ctl.
  • Someone sends some data, socket A becomes ready to call read ().

Will epoll_wait return socket A?


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Yes, it will. The whole point of socket epoll

is that you don't have to duplicate effort. Snapshot or multiple wait queues are not involved.

Under the hood, the epoll socket has a waiting queue. When you block an epoll socket, you are added to this single wait queue. The state doesn't persist or something. The state is in the eplom-cell itself.



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