Can gulp replace grunt entirely?

I am reviewing gulp recently, I love the idea of ​​flow and the use of code to create tasks.

I used to use grunt for my development workflow, now I want to use gulp to replace grunt.

But grunt seems to be more than a building tool, he has marked himself as a task runner. gulp, instead, focuses on build. My question is, can gulp completely replace grunting with everything? Or should it only be one piece of grunt, just for assembly? (Please don't consider how many plugins there are for both tools. Just think about it from a function point of view, can gulp cover all the functions that grunt provides?)


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Not yet. Gulp still needs time to mature to have all the functionality with grunt and its third party modules.*



On a personal note, I believe the eclipse will start sooner rather than later.



I honestly haven't dived too deep into any tool, but from what I've seen gulp can do anything, can grunt.



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