Nuget cannot resolve Entity Framework 7 dependency referenced by project

I am currently developing a piece of software as a coursework for a class and I decided to make a Windows app and a Windows Phone app. Due to Entity Framework 6 not being supported I almost gave up on work, but before looking for EF7 I started a complex workaround with a data server. I figured I'd give one of the releases from GitHub a try, so I downloaded it, compiled the Entity Framework 7 project successfully, sketched it successfully ... And unfortunately my code files are suddenly completely satisfied with their DbSet and DbContext links.

There is only a small (actually quite big) problem, since I just imported the links, I have no package manager commands to update the database and all this jazz, so I look to see, "I have files that, seems to work to fix this and find a bunch of NuGet files: NuGet files So I add the folder to the NuGet zeros list and it works as expected: Picture of package manager

The problem is that when I click the Install button, the following appears to me:

Failed install: Missing dependency for Microsoft Dependency Injection DLL

However, this is in my project links:

Evidence of references

I looked a bit and found that in my links, Dependency Injection doesn't seem to have a different version than some of the other links, and I thought it might be related to the problem.

I tried to reimport, rebuild my copy of EF7 and nothing works. I have no idea where to go from here and if someone can tell me what I did wrong it would be a big help! I probably made some naive mistake, and I apologize in advance for that.



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Since you haven't linked to where the Entity Framework 7 sources are on GitHub, I'll assume it's a GitHub Repository used as part of ASP.NET vNext .

NuGet previews of ASP.NET vNext NuGet packages are available at MyGet . If you add the following URL to your existing package sources and include it, the Microsoft.Framework.DependencyInjection NuGet permission package should be resolved.

Also Entity Framework 7 preview NuGet packages are also available from the above package source. So you don't have to build it yourself from source.



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