Dynamic load controllers in AngularJS for routing

I need to dynamically load controllers from specific directories i.e. instead of this:

$routeProvider.when(path, {
    templateUrl: 'templates' + path + '.html',
    controller: 'myController'


the directory it is placed in must be specified:

$routeProvider.when(path, {
    templateUrl: 'templates' + path + '.html',
    controller: 'controllerDir/myController'


I guess there must be some standard approach (?) For it. Maybe there is a way to use a dynamically loaded file containing a controller similar to the qQuery (getScript) way?


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In order to load controllers dynamically you need to use RequireJS.


There is a utility that will make it easier to integrate RequireJS into your AngularJS app




A route has a property resolve

that can be used to achieve dynamic loading of controllers.

This link should help you:


On another note, consider this dynamic script loading only when you have many controllers. Better to download upfront scripts (which can be bundled and miniature) and have browser cache to give users a pleasant experience



You can also use this method: https://github.com/kapysh/angular-dynamic-loader

Just take the directive from this repo loadctrl.directive.js

and in your template:

<div load-ctrl="portalController"></div>


and in app.js:

portal.constant('CONTROLLER_PATHS', {
  'portalController': {
    path: 'static/angular_app/js/controllers/portal.controller.js',
    loaded: false




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