How to deploy the "SQL Server Express + EF" application

This is my first time to deploy an application that uses a SQL Server Express database. I am using Entity Framework Model First contact the database. and I created an install wizard using Install Shield to install the app.

These are the steps I took to install the application on the target computer:

  • Installing MS SQL Server Express (DEST)
  • Installing the program using the setup file (DEST)
  • Detach the database from the SQL server and copy the corresponding .mdf, .ldf file to the destination computer.
  • Attach the database file on the destination computer using SQL Server Management Studio.

I know the server names and the SQL name. The instances are different and my program may not work correctly with the old connection string.

I am starting on this and I want to know what to do on the target computer to run the program?

  • Should I find a way to change the connection string at runtime ?!
  • or is there a way to change the installshield project and it does this work for me? (installshield - professional edition)
  • Could you suggest me what to do?

In my search, I've seen WiX can do this, but I find it difficult and I don't have enough time to learn it. I need to deploy my application as soon as possible.

Thank you so much.


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Some tips for using LocalDB in your project:

  • Download SQL Express LocalDB 2014 here . You can install it without pauses with a single command such as


  • Include your .MDF in your VS project and set the properties to a value Copy if newer

    so it gets copied to your bin folder at build time so that it is automatically included in the installer.

  • In your application (s app.cs

    ), check if the database file exists in the desired location (for example %PUBLIC%\YourApp\Data

    ) ( WPF Desktop Application with MDF used locally for all local users ). If not, copy the .mdf file from the application installation directory to the data directory.

  • Change app.config

    so that your connection string looks like this: <add name="MyContextLocalDB" connectionString="Server=(localdb)\MSSQLLocalDB; Integrated Security=True; AttachDBFilename=|DataDirectory|\MyDatabase.mdf; Connection Timeout = 30" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />

The connection timeout needs to be increased as LocalDB exe starts up when you first try to connect to it.

You can also use Database.CreateIfNotExists , but I have never tried it.



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