Rails: validation fails using before_create method on datetime attribute



Throws a validation error: expires_at cannot be empty.

class ApiKey < ActiveRecord::Base
  before_create     :set_expires_at

  validates :expires_at, presence: true


  def set_expires_at
    self.expires_at = Time.now.utc + 10.days


with attribute

t.datetime :expires_at


However, if the check is removed, the before_create method works on create.

Why is this? - This pattern works for other attributes eg. access_tokens (string) etc.


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I would say because it before_create

starts after checking, perhaps you want to replace before_create


Note. If you leave the callback this way, it will set an expiration date whenever you run valid?

or save

or any active write method that triggers a check, you might want to limit this check to the create process only

before_validation :set_expires_at, on: :create


This will restrict the call to the function only if the creation is done for the first time.



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