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So, I'm a third party developer. So far, I have been developing the website by hand and it has been fun and easy for me.

But today I got an interview for a Front-End Developer job (hopefully I got hired soon). In the interview, the Back-End Developers seem to be delighted to see my portfolios. However, when they asked me what infrastructure I was using, I have no idea to answer it. So far, I've just used the console as my web resource editor. And then they indicated that they like bootstrap.

My question is, is it important for a front-end developer to use a framework? What if I am not using any framework? I just read that a framework or bootstrap makes it easy to build our websites, but I just found it not natural and difficult to understand.


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what if i'm not using any framework?

(I'm assuming you mean a CSS framework. The Frontend JS framework is a whole other worm of worms.)
It seems like companies often de facto create their own CSS frameworks, although they don't always do it on purpose and not always knowingly. think of their creation as a structure. So you can probably still use it. But your question seems to be more specific about third party generic CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation. By not using them, you lose:

  • the presence of built-in third-party extensions / plugins / widgets
  • conducted extensive testing of the real world battles that were implemented within this framework and the corresponding fixes they received.
  • keep work without creating a lot of common widgets from scratch (including documentation)
  • the ability to hire people who are already familiar with the structure you are using.
  • knowledge of structure is a completely transferable (and therefore more valuable) skill

On the other hand, you get:

  • a complete unbridled ability to customize things to suit your exact needs and personal tastes (Bootstrap and Foundation offer a decent degree of customization, but there are limitations and there are some basic design options that cannot be intelligently changed).
  • there is practically no extra CSS, assuming you are maintaining things properly (although, again, Bootstrap and Foundation offer some level of ability to skip unwanted components)
  • (I'm sure there are some additional positives, but I'm biased and tired and can't think of more at the moment.)


So, if you want your product / solution to be installed according to industry standards. My advice is yes, as long as we stick to the definition ... of a universal, reusable software platform for developing software applications, products and solutions.

Also you can look at this question and my answer with helpful resources.

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