AmChart legend in one line

I am trying to get AmChart chart legends in one line, but with no luck. The legends are split (one for the line).

enter image description here

The actual settings from the documentation is the following.

 "legend": {
                    "equalWidths": false,
                    //"periodValueText": "total: [[value.sum]]",
                    "position": "bottom",
                    "valueAlign": "left",
                    "labelWidth": 100,
                    "valueWidth": 200,
                    //"width": 100,
                    "align": "center"



I would like to ask how to get all the chart legends in one line?

Thanks a lot for any advice.


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I think it automatically resizes after the div. Btw, you can change the "valueWidth" below.



Try decreasing "labelWidth" and "valueWidth" to fit only the content



you can try the legend {"maxColumns": 1,}



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