Java - Capturing Images from a Digital Camera

I want to develop a small piece of Java that can capture an image with a digital camera and I cannot find a suitable API. I know this duplicates similar questions, but they are old and after searching a lot of old threads all over the place complaining about the lack of API. Again I ask to find out if anyone knows where this could have been developed and was offered free of charge (mine is just a personal project - no redistribution).

I want to capture still images from a digital camera or DSLR - I applied for the Canons SDK but I don't think it will get approved as it won't do them any good.

The image does not have to be a screenshot from the camera - I want to capture my own image using the camera shutter - and get it in a processing app - that way I don't get an awfully grainy image, I get one at full level.

I've looked into several APIs, but unless they're extortionately expensive (JTWAIN) they just don't do what I want (JFM).

So is it there? Am I just looking in the wrong direction?


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Apparently Xuggler seems to do the job, you can use it with or without maven, or even build it yourself , even ant is possible . There are several tutorials on this topic, even on SO



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