Moving tear-off tabs between chrome windows in AwesomeWM

When AwesomeWM is installed on a tile layout, it is very difficult (perhaps even impossible) to move a tab between Chrome windows.

Once you pry a tab out of one window by clicking and dragging the tab, Awesome will close it, which means you cannot drag it to the tab bar in the destination window.

Is there anything I can do in my awesome config to fix this? I assume I need to float the windows, but how can I do that and how can I keep the tiling in all other circumstances?


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Your friend will be awful.client.floating.toggle . You can bind it to hotkey, in default config modkey+ctrl+space

, check source code .

With the default settings, you can set the float property (and behavior) of the client using the modkey+ctrl+space

and key after moving around the main chrome window.



This is currently a bug in Chrome or Awesome. This issue has been around for a while now:

The problem is only on one of my monitors for me. I have posted this question to google, but chances are they may not be fixing it anytime soon. You may want to use a different browser or window manager until this problem is fixed.



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