Apache curator loses all hours after reconnecting

I am using Apache Curator in my project. After CuratorFramework loses the connection to the ZooKeeper server, it automatically recovers, but it seems like it loses all the hours I set up and I don't get any notifications anymore. The clock works as expected unless the connection drops and restarts.

Is this a curator error or am I doing something wrong? The code for setting the clock looks like this:

CuratorFramework framework = CuratorFrameworkFactory.newClient(connectString, SESSION_TIMEOUT_MS, 0, new ExponentialBackoffRetry(CONNECT_TIMEOUT_MS, CONNECT_RETRY_COUNT));




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Yours Watcher

should notify you of the connection change. If so, EventType

at WatchedEvent

will None

, using it as an opportunity to restart the clock:

public void process(WatchedEvent event) {
    if (event.getType == Event.EventType.None && event.getState() == Event.KeeperState.SyncConnected){




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