Passing unique_ptr to library functions (FORTRAN function)

I am using LAPACK library to create R package using C ++. I am using unique_ptr to define arrays as

   unique_ptr<double[]> my_arr(new double[arr_length]);


Then I pass this unique_ptr function to a library (FORTRAN function) which takes a pointer to a double array and updates that array inside the function as

   F77_CALL(daxpy) (&num_feat_, &beta, tmp, &inc_one, my_arr.get(), &inc_one);


After going over the net, I noticed that it is not recommended to pass unique_ptr as a function pointer argument. However, the library functions I am using need a pointer in their argument. I cannot free the pointer before sending it to the function, since the library function needs to update the pointer. Is there an efficient way to handle this?


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Assuming the library won't take responsibility for the array and give it a try delete

, I think it's fine.

You usually prefer to pass by reference or raw-pointer and usually skip unique_ptr

when you pass ownership, so I believe this is correct. The calling code retains unique ownership of the array.

You know that the array will not be deleted until after the function call, when unique_ptr

out of scope, what exactly you want.

I think this is the correct way to call functions that are not going to take over, even if they are in your own code.

See GotW # 91 for a summary on how to pass (smart) pointers.

If the library retained the pointer after calling the function, you would need to make sure unique_ptr

not out of scope before the library finishes using it, which is a little more complicated.

There are several libraries that assume that you will allocate objects on the heap and pass them to their owners via a raw pointer (I've seen it in some rendering libraries). They are delete

an object when they are done. This is generally considered bad practice in C ++ 11, but if you need to call libraries like this you shouldn't use unique_ptr

, since you don't want the delete

object yourself.



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