Using a website document with XPage - how to set it up correctly?

I installed a small XPage and so far have been using the full Xpage path for testing, i.e.

Then I tried to apply the website document enter image description hereenter image description here

But the links don't work anymore. I have a feeling that I am missing something fairly simple and not sure what the best practice is. I am very happy that the original request to resolve the hostname to a full path i.e.


and allow (1_0) _Dev.nsf

but haven't found a way to do it elegantly.

At the moment my relative links '/OtherXpage.xsp' fail when they try to get to

Any pointers?


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Create a Website Rule . You can create it from your website document in edit mode using the Website ... / Create Rule button.

You can find a description of how to fill in the fields here .



The problem is usually when you need to add a trailing slash to the hostname



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