Getting column types in Laravel

I am creating a Laravel project for which I need to dynamically retrieve column names and their types for some tables in a database (MySQL). Currently this is my solution:

$columnTypes = array();
$columns = Schema::getColumnListing($tableName);
foreach($columns as $columnName) {
    $columnTypes[$columnName] = DB::connection()->getDoctrineColumn($tableName, $columnName)->getType()->getName();


Unfortunately it takes a lot of queries and therefore a lot of time (up to ~ 100ms per table).

Is there a faster way to get the column types?


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Thought, it would be faster to use (for MySQL):

$tables = array[/* table list */];
foreach($tables as $table){
  $table_info_columns = DB::select( DB::raw('SHOW COLUMNS FROM "'.$table.'"'));

  foreach($table_info_columns as $column){
    $col_name = $column['Field'];
    $col_type = $column['Type'];




Run "composer" requires doctrine / dbal ", then write this function into the model:

public function getTableColumns() {
    $builder = $this->getConnection()->getSchemaBuilder();
    $columns = $builder->getColumnListing($this->getTable());
    $columnsWithType = collect($columns)->mapWithKeys(function ($item, $key) use ($builder) {
        $key = $builder->getColumnType($this->getTable(), $item);
        return [$item => $key];
    return $columnsWithType->toArray();




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