Pymongo request is normal, but Mongoengine is not asking for anything

Very strange: Pymongo's request is normal, but Mongoengine doesn't ask for anything:

class VkWallPostListView(ListView):
    model = VkWallPost
    context_object_name = "vk_list"

    def get_template_names(self):
        return ["blog/vk_list.html"]

    def get_queryset(self):
        wallposts = VkWallPost.objects
        if 'all_posts' not in self.request.GET:
            #wallposts = wallposts.filter(text='S')
            wallposts = VkWallPost._get_collection().find({"text":'S'})
        tag = self.request.GET.get('tag', None)
        if tag:
            wallposts = wallposts.filter(tags=tag)

        return wallposts 


The option wallposts = VkWallPost._get_collection().find({"text":'S'})

returns objects, but the same Mongoengine wallposts = wallposts.filter(text='S')

does not work - empty results, no errors! Moreover, I have the same class as the query to another collection - Mongoengine works fine there.


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It looks like your VkWallPostListView doesn't inherit directly from mongoengine.Document

. I recently ran into this where an identical database schema model returned nothing when requested, when inherited from something other than the base class Document

. It turns out that mongoengine adds a hidden field to the documents of the child classes called _cls

and automatically checks this when requested.

For example:

If I have a TextHolder class which is the base of my Post class

class TextHolder(mongoengine.Document):
    text = mongoengine.StringField()
    meta = { 'allow_inheritance' : True,
             'abstract' : True }

class Post(TextHolder):
    user = mongoengine.ReferenceField(User)


If I tried to query posts that already existed in the database, they won't have the fields _cls

defined in their documents. So the way to request documents that do not conform to this standard is to do this.

Post.objects(user=user_to_query_by, class_check=False)


This will give me all the objects ignoring the field _cls

, not a check against the current model class name.



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