Outh Token request execution is not redirected

I'm having trouble getting an Oauth token from Behance. I am familiar with how oauth works and I followed the steps outlined here: https://www.behance.net/dev/authentication

My redirect_uri matches what I configure in my account and this is URL encoded as well.

https://www.behance.net/v2/oauth/authenticate?client_id= MYCLIENTID & redirect_uri = URLENCODED_REDIRECT & scope = wip_read | wip_write & state = 54fde3ee43d79f4d1d1944f5984d686e

When I go to this page, I get "Oops! No longer supported" and "This page has been removed". Is oauth available?

My application is set up for development, but I must be able to access my account with this setting. I would think this is pretty straight forward, but maybe I am missing something. I contacted their support and did not receive any feedback.


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