Coded app built with osacompile

Programmatically I am trying to achieve this on Mac OS X: a file on the desktop that, when clicked, launches firefox with a specific profile.

I am doing this with AppleScript and bash.

Manual steps

  • Open the Script editor
  • Write AppleScript ( do shell script "/Applications/ -ProfileManager &> /dev/null &"

  • Save New AppleScript> Save As> App Package
  • Setting icon

It works fine by hand, it follows from this tutorial: Asa Dotzler Blog Firefox Shortcut

However, programmatically I am having some problems.

I successfully make a file and put it on my desktop with /bin/bash/osacompile -


Progmatic steps

  • Progrmatcic Step 1 - Create a script.txt file with the code on your desktop

    var path_src = OS.Path.join(
    var path_exe = FileUtils.getFile('XREExeF', []).path;
    var write_file = OS.File.writeAtomic(
        'do shell script "' + path_exe + ' -P -no-remote &> /dev/null &"'

  • Compile the .txt to .app and put it in your working code:

    var path_compile = OS.Path.join(OS.Constants.Path.desktopDir,'');
    var osacompile = File.initWithPath("/usr/bin/osacompile");
    if (MacVersion <= 10.6) {
        osacompile.arguments = ["-o", path_compile, path_src]
    } else {
        //for >= 10.7
        osacompile.arguments = [

But when the user clicks on them, they get this error: "script" cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. "IMG:

I heard maybe it could be code signed? Could you please help me sign the code so I can work around this error and start working on customizing the icon.


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A simple Google search for "applescript code mark" reveals a lot of information.

Another option, if the code runs on your computer, you can simply disable the system preference that is causing this. Go to Security & Privacy → General and check the box next to Allow downloading apps from anywhere. Of course, understand that this will do exactly what it says, so this is a possible security issue. I start my computer this way, but you may feel differently.

Thus, any of these methods will help solve your problem. Good luck.



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