Sending plain text data in real time from Android client to server

I have seen other posts about streaming live audio and video from an Android app to a desktop server, but not yet for plain text data. Basically, I am trying to send key values ​​from the android keyboard directly to the desktop server (which is implemented in java) when I type to the client. It will be a simple remote keyboard application that displays the keyboard on an Android device and sends back keystrokes to the server, which accesses the PC keyboard through the Robot class. I understand how to send text from device to server, but I am stuck on how to make the transfer of text data to the server instantly as the user is typing on the device.

I tried to adapt to the examples for video / audio streaming, but I couldn't figure out how they work as I am still very new to programming and client / server programming in general.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank.


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