Screensaver on Windows Phone 8.1

I would like to create an application that will pop up in full screen when the user is not interacting with the device; the first tap will then close it. So it's just like a splash screen. It should "work" 24/7. The display should always be on. The battery is not a concern.

I already did this on android, but I had no WP skills, and a full research would take me at least a couple of days, so I ask all WP gurus:

Can the same functionality (splash screen) be implemented on Windows Phone 8.1 platform? If so, what fundamentals should be covered (programming)?

Edit : The only solution I have at the moment is to change the background of the LockScreen at a 30 minute interval. I'm still not sure if something will happen in 2 weeks, as some data suggests that the registered task will expire. Not to mention, the LockScreen only displays for a few seconds.

Edit 2 : Subquestion: is there a way to keep the LockScreen at all times (while charging)? Or maybe a code lock screen?


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Windows Phone usually doesn't allow apps to pop up on their own. Exceptions are made for specific ones like voip . There is also no way for an app that is not running in the foreground to understand that the user is not interacting with the screen for any number of minutes.

So your only option is to use the built-in lockscreen functions .



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