Call the helper helper ember inside the input helper

I can't find the correct way to call Ember.Handlebars.registerBoundHelper inside Ember input-helper.

BoundHelper does date formatting:

Ember.Handlebars.registerBoundHelper('formattedDate', function(date) {
   return moment(date).format('DD.MM.YYYY');


I can call the helper in the template and get the formatted date:

{{formattedDate 'myUnformattedDate}}


Now, I would like to call this helper inside the input helper like this:

{{input type="text" value=orderDate id="orderDate" placeholder="{{formattedDate orderDate}}" }}


Does the helper call inside the helper even in Ember?

- Update

I am developing in Ember version 1.7.0


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You can extend Ember.TextField

to create your own date-input

by doing something like

App.DateInputComponent = Ember.TextField.extend({
  format: 'DD.MM.YYYY',
  date: function(key, date) {
    var format = this.get('format');
    if (date) {
      this.set('value', moment(date).format(format));
    } else {
      value = this.get('value');
      if (value) {
        date = moment(value, format);
      } else {
        date = null;
    return date;


and then in your template you can do ...

{{date-input date=date}}
{{date-input date=date format="MM/DD/YYYY"}}


You can see the working drive here:

For further discussion see:



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